The flavours of Istrian tradition

Pršutana Jelenić is one of the first registered factories that produces Istrian pršut as an indigenous product, and while Istrian pršut is the star of the pršut factory, numerous other products that will delight everyone’s taste buds are also offered. Our products range from traditional, such as the Istrian sausage and “kosnica”, to somewhat unique, like the Uganj spicy sausage or the sausage with truffles whose flavour and aroma are truly unrivalled.
A slew of other pork derived products are offered in addition to various sausages and salamis. One such notable product is the Istrian pancetta (pork belly) which is dried in the dry bora wind. Then there is the Istrian ombolo which is consumed in two ways, semi-dry and thermally processed or as a dry cold cut.
Another distinct Istrian speciality is the “buđola” (pork neck), which is a first-class delicacy.
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