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Istrian pršut that inspires

Located in the very heart of the green Istrian peninsula is Sv. Petar u Šumi, a place where the mild Mediterranean climate meets the forceful north-easterly wind – the bora. It is the perfect place for producing pršut because it provides the perfect conditions for making pršut what it has been for centuries in Istria.
It was exactly here that Pršutana Jelenić was established in 1999 as one of the first registered factories for producing Istrian pršut.
Jelenić Istrian pršut is made with sea salt, pepper and by heavily utilising natural microclimatic conditions and does not contain preservatives. In a well-known traditional way that has been used on the Istrian peninsula since the days of yore and which guarantees quality and recognisability.


Family tradition in a new light

Brothers Luka and Paolo Jelenić run the pršut factory today, after taking the reins from their parents Vanda and Branko and transforming the production of pršut from a family tradition into a modern business, while still being firmly rooted in tradition and family.
The Jelenić family stands apart from everyone else due to the distinctive character of their pršut derived from the year it was made and the specific conditions of the season in which they were dried.

The golden sheen of Pršutana Jelenić

Honouring family tradition and the microclimatic conditions in which the pršut is dried guarantees a unique and recognisable flavour and aroma, which are hallmarks of a first-rate product. The quality of the pršut and the other products has been acknowledged at national and international trade shows with a plethora of awards and prizes.
The first gold medal was awarded as early as 2004 at Vinistra and was followed by myriad others. Pršutana Jelenić is a two-time ISAP winner (2013, 2018), their Istrian pršut and non-smoked pršut have won eleven gold medals at the same event (2010, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), they were runners-up in Sinj (2013), recipients of three gold medals at the Days of Croatian Pršut (2015, 2016, 2021), and champions at the Samobor Salami Festival for their “kosnica” (2021).
They have also reaped international awards, including a gold medal for their Istrian pršut at the SUFFA trade show in Stuttgart (2017), which was also voted the best by DLG, a Frankfurt-based leading German company for evaluating foodstuffs (2020), while the Jelenić pancetta won the silver medal at ITA (Italian Taste Awards).


Prizes and Awards

2004 Gold, Vinistra
2010 Gold, ISAP
2012 Gold, ISAP
2013 Champion, ISAP
2014 Runner-Up, Sinj
2015 Gold, Dani hrvatskog pršuta
2016 Gold, Dani hrvatskog pršuta; Gold, ISAP (Istarski Pršut and Pršut Jelenić)
2017 Gold, Suffa Stuttgart; Gold, ISAP (Istarski Pršut and Pršut Jelenić)
2018 Champion and gold, Drniš
2018 Champion and gold, ISAP
2019 Gold, ISAP (Istarski Pršut and Pršut Jelenić); Gold, Sv. Petar u Šumi (Kosnica)
2020 Gold, DLG Njemačka
2021 Gold, Dani hrvatskog pršuta; Champion, Samobor (Kosnica)


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