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The Istrian violin

The violin-shaped Istrian pršut is a preserved dry-cured meat product derived from carefully selected heavy pig breeds. Producing Jelenić Istrian pršut requires special methods of pig-rearing in order to meet the stringent criteria and yield a premium product.
The skin, unlike the pelvic bone, is removed during processing, and it is manually cured with sea salt and seasoned with pepper, garlic and a pinch of laurel leaves. This is followed by a drying phase that lasts for four months and a long ageing phase, whose duration is determined by the weight of the leg, in order to yield a premium product.

From generation to generation

After taking over the pršut factory from their parents Vanda and Branko, brothers Luka and Paolo have continued the family tradition by producing top-notch Istrian specialities and adding a few modern twists, thus creating products that are a perfect blend of the past and present.

Products bearing the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) represent premium quality in European food production and are the result of a specific combination of human and environmental factors typical for a specific geographical region, in this case the Istrian peninsula. The production, processing and preparation phase is carried out in a defined geographical area and abides by strict production regulations.
The regulations, which are adopted by the European Union, lay down a series of special standards that protect consumers and provide the producers with particular instruments in order to better identify and promote products with specific features and protect them from illegal practices.

Istrian pršut is an indigenous Croatian product protected by the Designation of Origin at the European level, according to EU standards. Only pršut that fully complies with the regulated production process and has been positively evaluated by a certified institution will bear the mark that guarantees quality and tradition.
Istrian pršut is a product derived from pork without the legs, skin and subcutaneous pig fat, containing pelvic bones, and is dry cured with sea salt and condiments in dry air and without smoking for at least a year. It boasts a distinct aroma, with a mild and moderately salty flavour, and smells like dried aged pork and herbs. The “Istarski pršut”/“Istrski pršut” production area encompasses a part of the Istrian peninsula (Slovene Istria and Istria County) that does not include islands.

Association of Producers of Istrian Pršut and Other Pork Derived Products
The association, which was established in 1998 by registered Istrian pršut producers, carries out production and promotional activities and is responsible for initiating the Protected Designation of Origin process, organising the International Istrian Pršut Trade Show in cooperation with the Tinjan Municipality and ensuring a serious level of production quality of Istrian pršut.
Ever since the name of the association was expanded a few years ago in order to include other producers of dry-cured meat products, the number of members has increased to two dozen.

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